Your tenants are much better positioned than you are to effectively maintain your property, as they are there much more often. Providing your tenants with information about the necessary maintenance and their responsibilities for your property will help to keep it in better condition and minimize your overall expenses, especially because it will catch problems in the early stages. It can be incredibly helpful to have an “orientation” meeting where you go over all of these aspects.


Keeping a clean home is vital to keep the property in good condition. Ensure that your tenants understand that the property needs to remain clean. However, clean can be a subjective term, so you can either outline their cleaning responsibilities or ensure that they know that the property must be returned in the condition in which it began. In addition, make tenants aware that poor cleaning practices can result in pest infestations, which will be expensive for the tenant to remedy.


Inform tenants that fixtures are only to be used as intended in order to avoid hazards and unnecessary wear. Tenants will be responsible for repairing items that they break. You should also ensure that they know to inform you immediately if there are other items that require repairs. Additionally, it is important to tell clients to never disable safety features of the property, such as smoke or fire alarms. This will not only put them in danger, but it can put both other tenants and your property in danger, as well.

If your tenants are made aware of their responsibilities, they will be more likely to keep your home in great condition. Regularly inspecting the property can also go a long way toward ensuring that it remains in excellent condition. To learn more about the maintenance items that your tenants should be responsible for, contact our experts at the Keyrenter in Annapolis today!